Magic in your make-up bag

The contents of your make-up bag can be transformed into a treasure trove of useful household items.  Try these tips.
  1. Glass splinters can be picked up easily using a pad of cotton wool.
  2. The metal neck of outdoor light bulbs won’t corrode if given a film of white petroleum jelly.
  3. If the tip of your shoe lace becomes frayed snip off the frayed end. Then paint or dip the end of the shoe lace into clear nail polish and let it dry. Good as new.            
  4. Stop a pantyhose ladder in its tracks with a blob of clear nail polish or a rub the area with an emery board.    
  5. Keep hair ribbons from fraying by painting a narrow strip of clear nail polish across the ends.
  6. To clean patterned leather handbags or leather shoes, use a soft nail brush wrapped in a lint-free dust cloth. Rub white petroleum jelly into the bag, then brush it.  Use another cloth in the same way as a buffer to finish off and keep the leather beautifully soft. 

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