Fantastic Foil

From ensuring even cooking to cleaning pots and silverware, foil has a variety of uses.
  • A piece of leftover foil from wrapping food, can be scrunched into a ball and used as an effective pot or braai-grid scourer.
  • Line a plastic sink with a foil layer; add in your tarnished silverware, so each piece touches the foil. Pour in 60 ml washing soda and 500 ml boiling water. Stir the water to mix thoroughly. Leave for 15 minutes to soak, remove the silverware and rinse in cold water. The tarnish will disappear like magic!  Just give each piece a quick buff with a soft cloth, one at a time.
  • When using foil to shield food from burning, place the shiny side facing outwards. In cases of long cooking of a large Christmas turkey, the drumsticks are best protected from drying out through over-cooking in this way.
  • When using foil to encourage cooking of the food with an oven dish it is covering, place the dull side facing outwards.

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