Salt - not just for seasoning

In ancient times, salt was prized as a precious commodity and it is easy to see why.  Most commonly used today to add flavour to food, salt also has many other uses.
  • If you have weeds growing in the cracks of your patio, deck, or driveway, kill them by spraying them with a solution of 60 ml salt added to 3 ½  litres of water.  Thereafter, to keep weeds from returning, periodically sprinkle salt grains in the cracks where they tend to grow.
  • Half a lemon sprinkled with salt can be used safely to clean or remove stains from granite. Rinse with clean water and dry.
  • Dropped a raw egg on the floor? Grab the salt shaker and pour a thick layer of salt over the egg and wait a few minutes, then clean up and discard easily.
  • Poured too much salt into a cooked stew or casserole?  Pop in a good amount of potato cubes, which will “soak” up a lot of that extra salt and balance it out.
  • A blocked salt cellar in a humid climate can be annoying. Include a spoonful of raw rice into the salt cellar to help avoid this problem.
  • Never boil soaked dried beans in salted water; they will remain tough. Only add salt when the beans are completely cooked.

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