Who are SA’s most talented student designers?

Earlier this year we ran a sleeve design competition open to students at design schools around South Africa. We asked these students to design a sleeve that expressed their own, unique #BeanTreeFeeling. The winners would each win R8 000 in cash and one winner would get a six-month paid internship at TBWA\Durban. We had a fantastic response, meet the six winners and checkout their designs.


For this project I was inspired by the beautiful shapes and patterns that capture the beauty of our country and at the same time express the #BeanTreeFeeling which is different for everyone. I wanted to create something that would elicit relatable emotions through the use of simple illustrations, shapes and colours.

Look out for this design in-store, as part of our limited edition sleeve promo.


I feel drinking coffee is an almost spiritual experience. So I used bright, warm colours to express the feeling people get when drinking coffee and used those colours in a spiritual setting to communicate my unique #BeanTreeFeeling.


Ultimately what inspires me is seeing other forms of creative expression being displayed both in my immediate environment and across the globe. My goal was to create something that was easily comprehensible and relatable yet memorable. Something that would clearly communicate my #BeanTreeFeeling. In this case I conceptualised actions, objects, and activities that all relate to the experience of making or consuming coffee. Then I picked one key colour and tried a variety of complementary colours until I found a combination that worked.


I am often inspired by poetry and photography which are two of my many passions. In this particular case I wanted to capture the feeling of tranquillity and vibrancy which is my #BeanTreeFeeling. So to do this I used the colours of the sky typical of what photographers call Golden Hour (the short time after sunrise or before sunset) because that light is both calming and vibrant.

Look out for this design in-store, as part of our limited edition sleeve promo.


My inspiration for this sleeve came from the PacMan game, it is something that all South Africans would recognise. I chose the bright colour because I wanted something that would catch a customer’s eye and draw them in and evoke a feeling of rejuvenation. At the same time interacting with the maze game creates a feeling of achievement. Whatever you call rejuvenation, mixed with achievement that’s my #BeanTreeFeeling.


I get my inspiration from observing our busy streets and empty skies. When I was going through the design brief, I wondered what sort of image communicate a #BeanTreeFeeling that would make someone’s day. What would a day maker look like in our sometimes gloomy world. I settled on sunshine as a representation of happiness.

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