Market on Main

03 May 2013

Market on Main is a curated market at Arts on Main, the first child of Johannesburg’s thriving Maboneng Precinct. It’s a creative space made for the people of Jo’burg by the people of Jo’burg, and it’s all about encouraging inner city community and sustainable living.  
The development of the Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg’s groundbreaking urban mixed-use community, began with Arts on Main. The precinct is a unique and innovative area offering work and entertainment opportunities within a fully integrated urban environment. It’s a hub for creative people and entrepreneurs looking for a change of pace; a cultural hive of galleries, artist studios, creative venues, offices and retail spaces.
 Market on Main incubates a new and growing business sector: purveyors who source food directly from farmers and producers they trust to be good stewards of our land. As a result, the market has become a place of knowledge and understanding for like-minded people to explore, question and discover all things new. 
The venue provides a relaxed and creative space for Jo’burg friends and visitors to spend their leisure time. All stallholders at Market on Main are Gauteng-based food and design fanatics, and vendors are carefully selected. The market provides a platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs and prides itself on promoting economic development.
 Jacques van der Watt, Market on Main’s curator, shared the birth of this thriving inner city initiative. “The Market began in February 2011 in order to activate the Maboneng Precinct. The first market was a huge event that attracted an unexpectedly large crowd, making it clear from the start that Johannesburgers were hungry for something new and exciting in the old CBD. Markets are becoming increasingly popular in cities because they offer a taste of everything in one place. Visitors can speak to individuals who are passionate about the product they are making and learn about the history behind it. They present an opportunity to try a little bit of everything.”
In the market, everything is natural and green and the emphasis is on being local. “We bring the best that Gauteng has to offer under one roof. We pride ourselves on offering a modern mix of specifically Johannesburg-flavoured vendors in an atmosphere that encourages relaxed interaction between patrons and purveyors.”
Some of the food vendors include Fine and Raw (highest quality chocolate), Grow Your Own Food, Cherrybomb Funky Foods, Ikhofi, Kuhestan-Flavoured cordial mixes, Durban Deli, Ethiopian coffee roasting, ceremony teas and The Blackanese (Sushi). For fashion and design vendors pay a visit to Babycakes Vintage Fashion, Brak (Up-cycled and new furniture), Maria McCloy, Mustard Vintage, Negritude, Retrospecs, Rinkink Designs, Scarlet Jewellery and Somerset Jane Fashion.
 The market attracts a range of locals – from couples, young and old, and families with small children – as well as tourists all looking for something truly authentic.
Market on Main is open every Sunday from 10am - 3pm, and the first Thursday night of each month from 7pm - 11pm.