SPAR Home Gym - a great way to stay in shape

15 October 2019

Just because you can't get to the gym, doesn't mean you can't bring the gym to your home! SPAR's My Home Gym shows you how.


SPAR’s My Home Gym is designed as an eight-week programme with three resistance workouts every week and three days of cardio. You also get one well-earned day of rest every week! Before embarking on the programme, be sure to do this questionnaire. It is imperative that you only exercise if it is safe to do so – speak to your doctor or another registered medical professional if you’re ever unsure! Should you get ill or feel unwell, take a break and start the programme when you’re better.


It is really important to warm up before starting any resistance or cardio workout. This prevents risk of injury during the workout. If you’re feeling particularly stiff in an area of your body, spend extra time warming that area up. Here is a good guide for a general warm-up, but again – should you have specific areas of your body that bother you, look after them first! Make sure your warm-ups include both static and dynamic stretches and movements, to ensure your body is limber and your ‘blood is flowing’! Dynamic stretches are particularly important, as they decrease the risk of injury during your workout.


Our resistance workouts were put together by a registered biokineticist, and are designed for maximum effectiveness. We have put together videos which will guide your plan for all eight weeks. If you ever feel pain or discomfort, stop the exercise and check with your doctor or another registered medical practitioner before trying again. You may have heard ‘no pain no gain’ before, but we believe that you know your body best – and will be able to sense when it has been pushed too far.


Cardio training may seem like a chore, but is incredibly important for your overall fitness levels. We have put together a simple guide which suggests cardio routines on your three alternating cardio days! Our suggestions focus around High Intensity Interval Training – where you alternates between pushing yourself at a high intensity and working at a lower intensity in between. There has been a large amount of research which suggests this is the safest and most effective way to build up cardiac strength and see results!
However, don’t let our guide limit your cardiac activity ideas – there are loads of ways to do cardio indoors. Why not try a spinning class or go to a Barre fitness class? Maybe you’ve always wanted to tryZumba? Or, perhaps, you’d like to try your hand at swimming. There are a number of ways to build up cardiac fitness and we recommend exploring ones which feel good for you!


End off every workout with a static stretch combination as part of your cool down routine. This is likely to reduce the build-up of lactic acid in your muscles, and prevent muscle soreness or stiffness the following day. This guide is helpful in giving suggestions on areas of your body to stretch. However, be sure to listen to your body, first and foremost. Do movements that feel good, and that target the muscle groups which are aching.