Enriching our youth: Klopper Park and SPAR

01 October 2012

Klopper Park is a small school that does all it can to better the lives of their students. Most of the children that attend the school have come from previously disadvantaged and very poor backgrounds – although they were enthusiastic and eager to learn.
Due to a lack of funds the school hasn’t always been able to give their kids the best facilities. Literacy was always a challenge and the school was in desperate need of a media centre. Fortunately a member of the local SPAR, whose family had been involved in the community for 36 years, saw this as an opportunity to benefit others. The local SPAR family took it upon themselves to give back and helped by providing the school with a much needed media centre.
Klopper Park’s children now have the advantage of a media centre and are given the opportunity to achieve a bright future.