SPAR stands against Gender-Based Violence

06 September 2019


As women of diverse age, race, language and religious conviction - schoolgirls, students, working women, housewives and civil society - take a stand against gender-based violence; all saying, “this is enough”, I as a leader in the SPAR organisation, feel that I need to, on behalf of the organisation, add ‘our’ voice.
SPAR is very proud of its values of ‘Family, Passion and Entrepreneurship’. We are also very conscious of the need to be courageous in living by our values. To this end, we join the growing voices in our society, who have called on our President and all leaders in our country to take cognisance of and to act on the ever-increasing levels of gender-based violence in our country.
We also acknowledge that the term ‘violence against women and children’ is a passive construction with no active agent in the sentence. This assumes that bad things just ‘happen’ to women and children. We need to recognise that the silent active agent in the sentence is ‘men’. While not all men abuse women and children, we need to acknowledge that the abuse doesn’t just happen, and that it is generally perpetrated by men.
As the CEO of The SPAR Group Ltd, I would like to offer my and my organisation’s sincere support for the victims of gender-based violence and to their respective loved ones who are impacted by this violence, and I commit myself and my organisation to be part of working towards a practical solution. I also urge all leaders in government, business and in civil society to join us in our commitment to free our society from all gender-based violence.
Graham O’Connor
CEO The SPAR Group Ltd