SPAR supports World Youth Rhino Summit

11 November 2014

SPAR was proud to sponsor the catering requirements for the World Youth Rhino Summit which took place at the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal between 21st and 23rd September.  

140 teenagers from 20 countries debated the current status of rhino and wildlife poaching that resulted in the forming of six hard-hitting resolutions and the signing of the World Youth Wildlife Declaration.

The mission was to engage youth conservation leaders in rhino/wildlife conservation & protection strategies and empower delegates to become Ambassadors for wildlife & conservation.


The rhino poaching crisis affecting South Africa and smaller African and Asian rhino range states is now recognised as a worldwide wildlife emergency.    The brutal killing of rhinos – particularly in South Africa – is being driven by global criminal syndicates, many with links to international terrorism and narcotics cartels.  Wildlife crime has exploded in recent years to meet the increasing demand for rhino horn, elephant ivory and tiger products, particularly in Asia:  today, it is the fourth most profitable illegal trade in the world after drugs, arms and human trafficking, estimated at US$19 billion annually.
Demand for rhino horn particularly in China and Vietnam has risen over the past four years, where it is seen as a status symbol for the aspirational middle-classes and newly wealthy citizens of these countries, whose economies continue to grow.  This, combined with traditional beliefs in its non-existent medicinal properties, has made rhino horn one of the most expensive commodities in the world, outstripping gold, platinum and even cocaine in value.

For more information visit the World Youth Rhino Summit web site