When the chips are down, SPAR is all for sustainable sourcing.

02 September 2019

SPAR is not only committed to bringing you the very best products from across the world. We’re also big on sustainability - empowering people and protecting the environment. That’s why we’re incredibly proud of our frozen SPAR Potato Chips range, consisting of:

• Crinkle Cut                  • Straight Cut
• Skinny Cut Fries         • Slap Chips

The range is sourced from a local, major supplier of potato products to the South African market. Opened in 1995 our supplier’s R9 million processing plant has initiated significant investment in the industry, providing stable employment in the region, with 95% of employees coming from local, previously disadvantaged communities.

Their goal was to source all the required raw materials from the region, and over the years they’ve become a mainstay in the community and surrounding areas through their commitment to empowering, supporting and uplifting people and the economy in the region.

Nestled in one of the most picturesque parts of the country, the company is responsible for the livelihoods of 5000 people and their families - from the farmers and their workers to the seed suppliers and spares suppliers. If it were not for suppliers like these, supported by SPAR – the town would not survive - nor would the schools, the youth, the aged and the environment.

SPAR is proud to say that our potato chip supplier features the only production facility in South Africa to utilise water as a means of transport. Potatoes are transported from the potato facility 200m away by means of an underwater pipe using the natural tide as a means of propulsion. This also ensures that clean potatoes arrive at the facility door, ready for processing and preparation.

SPAR’s Potato Chip story is one of many, in the thousands of products that form part of our range. It’s important to us, that our suppliers operate as responsibly and sustainably as we do, every day and in every way. So next time you enjoy a SPAR Potato Chip, do it with confidence and enjoyment, and rest assured you’ve made the very best choice.