Tripling shelf-life, naturally

High Pressure Processing is the cold processing of food at extreme pressures. It’s how we keep our SPAR Freshline Guacamole fresher for longer. Confused? Don’t be. It means no thermal and nutrient- destroying heat. It means chemical-free food. Innovative HPP retains freshness and flavour longer, without compromising on safety. It’s simply the healthiest and most advanced way to keep food fresh. You’ll taste the difference, naturally.

Our exotic mushrooms push the right buttons

SPAR Freshline’s exotic mushrooms like shimeji, shiitake and eryngii, famously known as king oyster, are grown locally by our experts, in a controlled environment and packaged at optimum temperatures. In this way we ensure that you get the freshest umami, or savoury flavour, possible from our exotic range. While all mushrooms contain some ergothioneine, a naturally occurring anti-oxidant, exotic mushrooms such as king oyster, contain much higher amounts than common white button or brown varieties. Even better the cooking process intensifies the goodness and flavour. That’s a very healthy reason to move beyond the buttons and add a little exotic eryngii umami to your next meal.

Thank experts for goodness and thank goodness for experts

James Lonsdale, A Passion for Fresh 

James, our National Fresh Produce Manager, has a master’s degree in agriculture and 12 years, literally, in the field. He has extensive experience in food research and processing, but what you’ll appreciate most, is his passion for growing and providing the best fresh produce, in the most sustainable way, for you and your family. 

Dave Collier, Master Baker

Dave has over 38 years of experience both here in South Africa, as well as in Europe. He heads up our Bakery Division. His passion lies in the perfected quality of each and every baked item and the overall range. Dave conducts extensive international benchmarking and product surveys to ensure that we meet your expectations.

Malibongwe Khumalo, Innovator

With over a decade's worth of food industry experience, Malibongwe, our Senior Food Technologist, drives innovation and product development for the team. He tracks international trends and explores regional South African flavours. Ingredients are key, he keeps a tight control on product specs and ensures ongoing training for a team of Quality Controllers.

Tessa Morris is Picky, Picky, Picky

She’s our Food Safety Manager. She audits suppliers and stores and ensures that they conform to food safety standards. This work is accomplished through collaboration between the country’s leading food safety experts from retail, manufacturing and food service companies, as well as international organisations, governments, academia and service providers to the global food industry. So, picky, picky, picky!



Local Farmers, International Standards

SPAR Freshline farms are certified against an international farming standard, GlobalGAP, and our pack houses are inspected against The Global Food Safety Initiative programme. Our SPAR National Fresh Technologists oversee the programme and regularly visit the farms and pack houses to ensure regular compliance with standards and product specifications. In this way our farmers and suppliers are held accountable on a daily basis. What a relief.


We’re growing Farmers

SPAR is driving a model of localized sourcing of fresh produce by improving its fresh supply chain in rural areas. The inclusion of emerging small holder farmers reduces transport costs, improves lead times and increases freshness and shelf-life. These farmers are mentored by commercial farmers and technical service providers in terms of farming techniques, spraying, harvesting and regulations; and are assessed against the Local GAP farming standard.