Gatsby Recipe

Unique to South Africa, the Gatsby is a long bread roll stuffed with a meat or fish filling and fried chips with a chilli sauce.


Prep Time

15 minutes

Cooking Time

30 minutes



Recipe Ingredients

  • 2-pack SPAR Freshline French or Seeded Baguettes
  • 400 g frozen SPAR Potato Chips, fried using on-pack instructions
  • 450 g SPAR Tender and Tasty Fresh Rump Steak or Sizzler Rump Steak
  • (OR Tender and Tasty chicken breast fillet-skinless, cut into strips OR SPAR
  • Calamari Rings or Crumbed Calamari Strips OR 4 SPAR Butcher’s Best Grillers)
  • Curry powder, Peri-Peri sauce or SPAR Sweet Chilli Sauce to taste

Recipe Method

  1. Bake the baguettes until warm and crisp using the on-pack oven instructions. Cut in half after baking to give 4 portions.
  2. Cut each baguette section in half lengthwise.
  3. Fry the chips.
  4. Slice the steak into strips and pan-fry the beef until cooked to your preference of ‘doneness’. Add in a good dash of curry powder, or chilli or peri peri sauce and cook briefly to get the flavour into the beef.
  5. Fill the split baguette sections to overflowing with fried chips and the cooked beef
  6. (and salad ingredients if using). Generously squeeze on SPAR Mustard Sauce or SPAR Sweet Mustard Sauce and SPAR Tomato Sauce.
  7. Serve immediately.

Hints & Tips

  • Fresh salad ingredients such as shredded lettuce, onion and red pepper rings and sliced tomato, or slices of hard-boiled egg may be incorporated too.
  • SPAR Freshline Sub Sandwich Rolls or Footlong Rolls can be used instead of the baguettes for a softer bread which is somehow easier (but less traditional), to eat with the generous filling.
  • Remember the convenience of your SPAR Deli/Hot Food Counter for ready-fried chips.
  • Traditionally, fried chips are associated with Gatsby’s, but consider the onpack oven bake method for a lower fat version.
  • Children may prefer the steak cooked with milder sauces such as SPAR Sweet Chilli Sauce or Tangy Barbeque Sauce. SPAR Chip and Salad sauce is also a great option.